Annie Chemie P Ltd is engaged in manufacture of Hydraulic Fracking Chemicals or Shale Gas Fracturing Chemicals. We offer Encapsulated Gel Breaker, Boron and Zirconium based Crosslinkers for Guar, Ammonium Persulfate, Potassium Persulfate, Friction reducer, Corrosion Inhibitor, Clay Stabilizer, Flow Diverting Agent, Scale Inhibitor, KCl Substitute, DDAC BHMT THPS ATMP Glutaraldehyde, Sodium Glutaraldehyde Bisulfite Biocides, is offered. All the Information on Physics, Chemistry, Applications, Uses and Technology on Manufacture of Slick Water is in these pages.

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Encapsulated Gel Breaker for Guar in Shale Gas Fracturing, Encapsulated Slow Release Temperature and Abrasion based

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After the fracture is complete, the viscosity of the fluid is decreased by oxidizing agents and the collapse of fracture is controlled by sand particles. The oxidizing agent is often incorporated in the pumping fluid along with proppants and chemical additives. The oxidizing agent Ammonium Persulfate is encapsulated to ensure that it stars releasing after the proppant is placed.

Coated or Encapsulate Ammonium Persulfate, based coated chemical to be active at 140F or 60C called low temperature delayed release gel breaker is used for breaking gel up to temperatures of 200F or a little more.
Coated or Encapsulate Potassium Persulfate based coated chemical to be active at 195F or 90C called high temperature delayed release gel breaker is used when significantly higher down-hole temperatures up to 300F or 150C are expected.
Coated or Encapsulated Sodium Bromate based gel breaker for very high temperatures. It will not be active up to 240F or 115C and is suggested for use at 280F to 330F or 138C to 165C.

We offer Encapsulated Ammonium Persulfate as under:
Active matter: Ammonium persulfate 80%
Temperature dependent coating: 20%
Mesh size: 15-40mesh
Specific Gravity: Approximate 1.75

Guar Gel Breaker Release Profile Click to Enlarge
Under harsher agitation with proppants in place, similar release is indicated in 6 hours.

A third party fracturing company has tested our material and give graphs as below.
Viscosity Breaking Click to Enlarge

The Release Rate of Active Gel Breaker and the Viscosity Reduction Rate can be custom made as desired by the buyer.

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